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Work Experience

Finding work experience in biology

Are you interested in studying biology at university? One of the best ways of finding out what it’s like is to give it a go by doing some work experience! Some tips for finding work experince:

  • Be pro-active and make the most of what you know and who you know
  • Ask your school careers advisor
  • Ask your science or biology teacher
  • Do you have any family or friends who work in biology who might be able to help?
  • Look for local laboratories, offices, clinical environments or wherever else you think you might see yourself working. You could use the internet to contact them directly.


 You could also try contacting some other organisations near you.

  • a natural history or science museum
  • wildlife conservation
  • a research lab in a university
  • a research or production lab in an industrial setting
  • a clinical lab in a hospital
  • a zoo
  • a veterinary practice
  • science writing
  • a school