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The British Pharmacological Society (BPS) is a charity with a mission to promote, support and advance all areas of pharmacology.

BPS brings together over 4,500 scientists from around the world to accelerate drug discoveries, improve how medicines are used, and support the next generation of scientific explorers.

Take a look at BPS's activities and challenge your medicinal knowledge, uncover how you could become a future pharmacologist, and have a go at becoming a Medicine Maker for yourself!

Medicine Makers | Zone 2: broadening your horizons 

BPS medicine makers

Medicine Makers is a hands-on activity developed by the Biochemical Society and the British Pharmacological Society.

It introduces participants to the basic mechanism of how painkillers work in our bodies, looking at how our bodies respond to pain and how these medicines help us to overcome it.

Pharmacology quiz | Zone 2: broadening your horizons 

Challenge yourself to a pharmacology quiz!

Do you know your breakthroughs from your placebos? Discover the origins of certain medicines, how prescribing has changed over time, and how technology has changed how we discover and use medicines.

This quiz was developed for those aged 16+ by Dr Chris Threapleton, a doctor specialising in clinical pharmacology based at St George's Hospital in London.

How do drugs work | Zone 2: broadening your horizons 

A leaflet introducing pharmacology and where our medicines come from.

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Careers in pharmacology

Take a look at the British Pharmacological Society's web pages to understand how you can become a pharmacologist.

Find out more about the British Pharmacological Society on their website, or follow them on Facebook, LinkedInTwitter and YouTube.