Insects in hyper magnification – Death’s-head Hawkmoth | British Ecological Society

Meet the Death’s-head Hawkmoth, a mysterious and remarkable looking creature surrounded by folklore and legend.

Insects in hyper magnification – Large Elephant Hawkmoth | British Ecological Society

With its flamboyant colouration and unique adaptations, take a closer look at what makes this species fascinating.

Insects in hyper magnification – Honeybee | British Ecological Society

A closer look at the humble honeybee reveals exactly why it’s such an efficient and important pollinator. 

Insects in hyper magnification – Blue morpho butterfly | British Ecological Society

With potentially the most incredible colouration of any animal, see beautiful Morpho butterflies like never before.

Insects in hyper magnification – Stag beetle | British Ecological Society

With thick armour and powerful jaws, see how Stag Beetles are respected warriors of the insect world.

The amazing life cycle of the European eel | Zoological Society London

Discover the incredible life cycle of the European Eel, one of the many animals that calls the Thames home, with this fun animation. 

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