1. DNA origami. Most suitable for ages 10+


This hands-on activity allows you to create your own paper model of a DNA double helix.

Download: DNA folding template and Sanger DNA instructions



2. Mitosis. Most suitable for ages 14 +


A fun card game to review the processes of mitosis and understand the process of cell division.

Download: Mitosis game cards



3. Extracting DNA. Most suitable for ages 8+


DNA is the blueprint for life. It spells out the instructions to all living things to tell them how to become what they are, and how their cells should work. See DNA in fruit with this simple experiment.

Download: Extracting DNA instructions


4. What is DNA? Most suitable for ages 6 - 10


A simple colouring exercise for young participants, plus some simple facts about DNA.

Download: DNA colouring worksheet | DNA answers (coming soon)