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2013 Book Awards Winners

In 2013 the Society of Biology launched an annual Book Awards prize to celebrate outstanding textbooks aimed at undergraduates and postgraduates and general biology books.

Prize winners


BA2013 Spillover


General biology book


Winner: Spillover: Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic, David Quammen (Bodley Head)






BA2013 Physical Biology of the Cell



Undergraduates textbook


Winner: Physical Biology of the Cell, 2nd edition by Rob Phillips, Jane Kondev, Julie Theriot and Hernan Garcia, illustrated by Nigel Orme (Garland Science)




BA2013 Landslide Ecology


Postgraduates textbook


Winner: Landslide Ecology, Lawrence R Walker & Aaron B Shiels (Cambridge University Press)

Highly commended: Evolutionary Perspectives on Pregnancy, John C Avise (Columbia University Press)



A complete list of successful books entered in the 2013 awards is available to download.