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This year the Royal Society of Biology is working in partnership with the Field Studies Council to bring you the Signs of Spring survey 2024.

Signs of Spring is a survey asking members of the public to record the signs of Spring across the UK.

We'd love you to get involved by looking out for any of the ten indicator species or events shown below, and when you see one, record it using our short survey.

Click here to access the Signs of Spring survey

Anytime you are out in your local area, we would like you to lookout for the following Signs of Spring record where and when you saw the sign of spring as well as the weather at the time. We want to capture early and late signs of spring, so the survey is open until 17th June 2024.

Bluebells 90 Bumblebee 90 Butterfly 90 Daffodils 90 Dragonfly 90






Frogspawn 90 Hazel Catkins 90 Ladybird 90 Mown Lawn 90 Snowdrops 90


Hazel catkins


Lawn first cut


When looking for signs of spring and completing the survey, please ensure you stay safe and are dressed appropriately for the weather.

Last year the Field Studies Council collected data on just five of the categories above. We hope by expanding the number of categories and collecting additional data on the time and weather for each sighting, over time, we can track changes to the signs of spring and make observations about the potential impacts of climate change.

Results of the observations recorded using the survey can be viewed on the map and chart below. The results are live and update each time a new survey is submitted.


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