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The Field Studies Council (FSC) is an environmental education charity committed to creating a world where everyone feels connected to the environment so they can enjoy the benefits it gives and make choices that help protect it.

FSC run courses for learners of all ages and across subjects including biology, ecology, natural history geography and art. 

Join FSC for virtual fieldwork, as well as learning about activities you can do in your own garden or local green space. Learn more about jobs in science, ecological experiments, and the wonders of nature. 

Post photos of yourself in action completing any of the tasks (or photos of your creations) and tag @FieldStudiesC and use the #Fieldworklive.

Home grown nature projects | Zone 1: The World Around Us

Learn how to make your own pitfall traps, attract reptiles and amphibians and insects to your garden.

Join FSC tutor Jo Harris and special guest Lola to learn more about the fun and interesting things you can do around the local green spaces you have to attract and catch organisms.

How to create a pond in your garden | Zone 1: The World Around Us

Fancy a lockdown recycling project? FSC tutor Jo Harris shows how to create a freshwater habitat in your garden from upcycled material.

As well as how to monitor the organisms that colonise the pond when it is up and running. Get the accompanying FSC guide online.

Hunting for minibeasts | Zone 1: The World Around Us

Nature is all around us, your garden or local green space is a great place to look for minibeasts and practice your identification skills, join FSC tutor Sam as he explores his garden for invertebrates.

Get the accompanying FSC guide online

Exploring common British woodland plants | Zone 1: The World Around Us

Want to practice your plant Identification? FSC tutor Andrew, talks through some common woodland plant species and how you might spot them and shares some stories.

For a pack that will guide you through Woodland walks and help your identification skills, look online.

Conversations about Ecology | Zone 2: Broadening Your Horizons

As we can’t spend time together at the moment, four FSC tutors made this video conversation about ecology in our local spaces, visit FSC centres virtually, in four areas of the UK and watch the tutors talk about interesting finds and the ecology behind them.

Rocky Shore Ecology | Zone 2: Broadening Your Horizons

Watch FSC tutor, Jack, up in Scotland investigating zonation on a rocky shore and introducing some great rocky shore organisms. You can find further resources for this activity on the FSC website.

Relationships in an ecosystem | Zone 2: Broadening Your Horizons

Watch a FSC tutor in North Wales investigate freshwater ecosystems and the relationships between the organisms living there. You can find further resources for this activity on the FSC website.

Habitat exploration | Zone 2: Broadening Your Horizons

Watch FSC tutor, Lou, and her amazing Tortoises investigate habitats in and around your garden and look for minibeasts. You can find further resources for this activity on the FSC website.

Soil exploration | Zone 2: Broadening Your Horizons

Watch FSC tutor, Lou, investigate soil and its importance in nature. Lots of facts and activities to try out yourselves. You can find further resources for this activity on the FSC website.

Interview an ecologist | Zone 3: Scientists at Work

Have you ever wondered about the kinds of careers that are out there in practical science? FSC tutor Jo Harris speaks to some amazing scientists about how they got into their field of expertise and how important their work is.

From ocean acidification research, to forensic botany we talk to some fascinating people.

Working as a forensic botanist with Dr Mark Spencer

Working as a marine ecologist with Dr Louise Cameron

Working as an environmental monitoring officer with Josie Maclaren

Working as an ecological advisor with Rachel Hamilton

Working as a research assistant in marine ecology with Chiara Bertelli


Find out more

Investigating nature with your family and friends can be great fun. Use this worksheet and the FSC quick guide to find out more about hedgerows or download the hedgerow biodiversity OPAL survey for a more in depth activity.

The FSC runs a range of natural history experiences, including courses on everything from snails to mosses to nature tracking and much more, as well as courses for families and Duke of Edinburgh courses. The FSC also has resources for secondary school students to help with their studies.

The FSC have produced a toolkit for new teachers and PGCE students looking to build their subject knowledge and skills in fieldwork for biology and ecology.


These podcasts were recorded by FSC trainee tutors and associate tutors, in the grounds of Preston Montford and Nettlecombe court, two of our fabulous FSC residential centres - learn more about bees, hoverflies and stars.

If you have any questions about the FSC's activities or you would like to know more, you can contact the FSC by email.

Find out more about the Field Studies Council on their website, or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.