The Institute of Physics is the professional body and learned society for physics in the UK and Ireland, inspiring people to develop their knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of physics.

Send a balloon rocket across your living room, amaze your family with a watery optical illusion or put their trust to the test as you turn that glass of water upside down over their head!

The Institute of Physics want to make it easy for parents and carers to get their children excited about physics, and created Do Try This at Home, a series of fun science experiments for kids, with short demonstration videos and simple, step-by-step instructions.

Rubber Band Bass Guitar | Zone 1: the world around us 

Pick up some good vibrations in this activity to try out with your family and discover the physics behind every bass-line.

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Waterproof Hankie | Zone 1: the world around us 

This surprising trick is a great excuse to threaten to pour water over your family. Put their trust to the test as you turn a full glass of water upside down over their head!

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Shrinking Coin | Zone 1: the world around us 

2D or not 2D, that is the question. To find the answer you’ll need to get your family thinking outside the box!

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 Reversing Arrow | Zone 1: the world around us 

The perfect demonstration for showing off over a webcam, after seeing our reversing arrow your family won’t know if they’re coming or going.

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Wobbly Stick | Zone 1: the world around us 

Are you ready to compete in the world famous* Institute of Physics balance-off? Discover the lost art of stick balancing in this competition probably best done away from anything fragile!

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Milk Carton Sprinkler | Zone 1: the world around us 

An amazing invention that will make watering your plants a breeze and leave you dizzy with excitement. You’ll never look at a milk carton quite the same way again.

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Rocket Balloon | Zone 1: the world around us 

If you’ve ever wanted to boldly go to infinity and beyond, or to a galaxy far, far away, you can start by sending balloons across your living room.

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Hot Water Rising | Zone 1: the world around us 

This is a kitchen experiment that we’re sure will float your boat. Discover why a difference in temperature makes hot water rise in this colourful balancing act.

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Electric Balloons | Zone 1: the world around us 

We’re sure this electrifying demo will be a positive experience for you and your family. Find out about electric charges and how they can be used to attract and repel. We hope it doesn’t rub anyone up the wrong way.

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Vanishing Coin | Zone 1: the world around us 

We can all make money disappear, but your family won’t believe their eyes as their coin vanishes right in front of them in this experiment. You’ll leave them reflecting whether it was all just smoke and mirrors...

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Toilet Roll Solar System | Zone 1: the world around us 

This is a down-to-earth activity for anyone who loves space – but can find the distances between planets a bit mind-boggling.

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Ping Pong Pick Up | Zone 1: the world around us 

Join us for a challenge that’s perfect for whenever you need a “pick me up”. Lift your spirits at the same time as your ping pong balls when you challenge your family to a game of… Ping Pong Pick Up.

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Bouncing High | Zone 1: the world around us 

For the final episode in the IOP's series, check out this experiment that’s sure to put a spring in your step – but hopefully not a hole in your window!

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