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We are committed to supporting and encouraging the study of biology at primary, secondary and tertiary levels across the UK, working in coordination with our member organisations and with the broader scientific community.

Steered by our Education and Science Policy Committee, we aim to do this through bringing together the education and science communities, informing policymakers, providing impartial, evidence based advice and being seen as the leading voice for biology.

RSB’s three year plan Biology Changing the World identifies the aims of our policy teams under the theme of influence.

We have also identified education priorities for 2023 – 2028, outlining important factors that contribute to excellent biology teaching and learning in the UK, for all students at all levels, and underpinning our policy work:

  • All young people should have an unbroken chain of experts teaching the science
  • All young people should experience curricula and assessments which prepare them to be scientifically literate, able to make scientifically informed choices, and ready them for a diverse and evolving world of work.

Education Policy Advisory Group

RSB Member Organisations are invited to join our Education Policy Advisory Group, meeting quarterly to share current education priorities and discuss emerging education policy issues at all levels. RSB regularly responds to calls for evidence, consultations and inquiries. Full consultation responses can be found on our consultation response page or searchable policy resource library.

We work closely with the Association for Science Education, Institute of Physics, Royal Society and Royal Society of Chemistry, collaborating and coordinating on shared school education messages for the sciences, with a focus on teaching and curriculum. Previously under the umbrella of SCORE, these societies continue to work together as part of the Science Education Policy Alliance (SEPA) to advise governments, regulators and awarding bodies. In Scotland we meet regularly with these and other organisations as the Learned Societies Group, convened by the Royal Society of Edinburgh.


Our Curriculum Committee is developing a framework for a coherent 5 – 19 biology curriculum, aiming to influence policy makers, curriculum designers and specification designers across the UK. Up to date information the progress of our framework can be found at

The education policy team also supports RSB’s special interest group Biology Education Research Group, who meet regularly to discuss members’ own research and to inform the Society’s education policy activities.

The RSB also has a collection of useful resources and opportunities for teachers, schools and students.

Useful resources

GopherWe have developed resources to support teachers and students in primary, secondary and higher education. There are also informal activities for teachers to use on our outreach and biology for all pages.


Competitions & Awards

Education-competitionsStudents have a chance to show their brilliance in biology whilst taking part in our competitions. Whilst teachers can gain recognition with awards for excellence in teaching at university, secondary and primary school level and by applying for the Chartered Science Teacher register.

Become a RSB member

joinIf you would like to join us, membership is available for teachers and lecturers, 14-19 year old students, undergraduate and postgraduate students, schools and university departments. Find out more by contacting the membership team.