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Professionally recognising those who work in the life sciences at a high level, Chartered Status engenders public confidence in professionals and gives employers confidence in their employees.

Who can apply?

Chartered Status is open to members (MRSB) and Fellows (FRSB) of the Royal Society of Biology who can also demonstrate the required professional competencies.

Chartered Biologist

Chartered Biologist status (designated by the postnominal CBiol) provides a benchmark for bioscientists working in a vast and continually growing array of settings. If you have appropriate professional experience or have successfully completed Royal Society of Biology CPD for the past two years at the MRSB or FRSB grade you will be eligible to apply for CBiol. Continued Chartered status depends on successfully completing a Society annual CPD return. Chartered Biologist is a professional registration and is not an academic qualification.

Chartered Scientist

Chartered Scientist status (designated by the postnominal CSci) requires members to have at least a masters level qualification or written equivalent report. Chartered Scientist provides a benchmark for scientists working in pan-science roles.

Which scheme is best depends on your particular job role, circumstances and personal self-identification as a biologist or scientist. The Society also welcomes applications from members wishing to gain both Chartered titles.

Continued Chartered status depends on completing a successful RSB online annual CPD return. Please email for further information.

Chartered Science Teacher

* Please note, from the 7th June 2021, the Royal Society of Biology will begin reviewing applications to the professional registers against updated standards, as set out by the Science Council. For more information on the new register standards, please follow this link.

The RSB’s online register application forms will be updated with the new standards during the first week of June. If you have an application in progress, in order for your application to be reviewed to the existing set of standards, please ensure you submit by 31st May 2021.*

Chartered Science Teacher (CSciTeach) recognises the unique combination of skills, knowledge, understanding and expertise that is required by individuals involved in the specific practice and advancement of science teaching and learning. It engenders public confidence in professionals and gives employers confidence in their employees. The RSB is one of several bodies that can award the title Chartered Science Teacher under license from the Science Council, recognised as a hallmark of excellence in the UK.


There is a £50 application fee and £25 annual fee for Chartered Biologist. Chartered Scientist and Chartered Science Teacher are offered under license from the Science Council for an annual fee of £46. 

Please note that these fees are in addition to the annual membership fee, and that a paid up membership is a requirement of professional registration. Retention of Chartered Status is maintained through our CPD programme, demonstrating the credibility and distinction of our Chartered Scientists, Chartered Science Teachers and Biologists.

Chartered Scientist and Chartered Science Teacher applications are assessed externally, and therefore it is critical that your application illustrates how you achieve each of the competencies. Guidance listing what you must illustrate can now be accessed via pop up boxes as you enter the evidence for each competency, and a document (below) gives some mock answers for the Chartered Scientist and Chartered Science Teacher competencies.

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To apply visit the mySociety members area.

If you would like to receive more information about gaining Chartered Status and the CPD scheme, or about becoming a member, email us or call on 020 3295 3458.

The Royal Society of Biology is committed to ensuring equal opportunities in the life sciences, and supports diversity throughout the pipeline; at school and higher education, in the workplace and training.

Guidance documents

Chartered Scientist and Chartered Biologist Guidance

Chartered Scientist Example Application

Chartered Scientist Example CPD Record

Chartered Science Teacher Guidance

Chartered Science Teacher Mock Competencies for Secondary Educators

Chartered Science Teacher Mock Competencies for University Educators