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Mutual Recognition Agreement (Canada)

We have a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) in place with the College of Applied Biologists, based in British Columbia, Canada, whereby Registered Professional Biologists (R.P.Bio.) in Canada can be recognised as Chartered Biologists in the UK, and Chartered Biologists can be recognised in Canada as Registered Professionals.

If you are a Registered Professional Biologist, wishing to become a Royal Society of Biology member and a Chartered Biologist, please apply via mySociety, and complete the required authorisation form. Please note there is no need to complete competencies on the Chartered Biologist application. 

If you are a Chartered Biologist (and hence a Royal Society of Biology member), wishing to become a Registered Professional Biologist in Canada, please complete this application form, and the required authorisation form.

Access to these titles will be of interest to those considering working abroad. Please note that while this agreement will provide title opportunities to members, this does not replace immigration related permission that may be required to seek employment in other countries.

The MRA with The College of Applied Biology is available to download.

For further information, please contact us at the Society, or contact the College of Applied Biologists.