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Careers Committee

The role of the Careers Committee is to support and inform career-related decision making for students and other stakeholders.

The committee will develop the Society's strategies, policies and priorities on how to deliver general bioscience careers support across the full range of education, training and professional development from early stages through to post doctoral level, and in the workplace.

Committee Chair

Cara Froggatt MRSB

Committee Group members

Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry
Biochemical Society
British Ecological Society
British Neuroscience Association
British Pharmacological Society
British Society for Immunology
Gatsby Plant Science Education Programme (incl. Science and Plants for Schools)
Microbiology Society
Society for Experimental Biology
The Physiological Society

Committee terms of reference are available to download.

The Careers Committee will work collaboratively across the biosciences, to provide careers support, information, and guidance including information on alternative careers within, and resulting from the biosciences, for:

  • 14-19 year olds: provide resources for students, teachers and careers advisers, inspiring the continuation of studies or alternative pathways to employment in the biosciences.
  • Undergraduates: develop resources; organise events, including the Bioscience Careers Day; and raise awareness of careers options and employability skills for bioscience students.
  • Postgraduate and early-career bioscientists (as included in the RSB’s 3-year plan): support careers development through sign-post careers support provided through specialist learned societies and professional bodies.
  • Support schools and universities to locate appropriate speakers for events through appropriate STEM contacts including our membership.
  • To provide educators (teachers in school and universities) with resources and sign post them towards available support to facilitate their role in supporting students’ understanding of careers.
  • Support HE academics through the HE career progression framework.