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The Biologist title

The Biologist is a quarterly magazine that carries the full richness and diversity of biology. Science is brought to life with stimulating and authoritative features, while topical pieces discuss science policy, new developments or controversial issues. Aimed at biologists everywhere, its straightforward style also makes it ideal for educators and students at all levels, as well as the interested amateur.

Editorial Staff


Tom Ireland MRSB

Chair of the Editorial Board

Professor Dan Davis FRSB, The University of Manchester

Editorial Board

Professor Matthew Cobb FRSB, The University of Manchester
Dr Anthony Flemming FRSB, Syngenta
Professor Adam Hart, University of Gloucestershire
Dr Sarah Maddocks CBiol MRSB, Cardiff Met University
Dr Esther Odenkule MRSB, GSK
Professor Shaun D Pattinson FRSB, Durham University
Dr James Poulter MRSB, University of Leeds
Professor Diane Purchase FRSB, Middlesex University
Dr Natasha de Vere, National Botanical Garden of Wales