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Member Organisation Education Policy Advisory Group

This committee provides a mechanism for Member Organisations (MOs) to inform the Society's education policy work and all levels - from primary school, through to secondary schools, colleges and higher education. The Committee will report to the Society's Education and Science Policy (ESP) Committee.

The MO Education Policy Advisory Group will:

  • Identify and discuss current and forthcoming education policy-related priorities
  • Identify areas of collaborative working with respect to education policy activities
  • Seek to work collaboratively, wherever possible and appropriate, on education policy activities
  • Inform the Society's education policy work including, but not exclusive to: consultation responses, policy projects and position statements
  • Highlight any issues, concerns or priority areas, concerns or priority areas related to science education
  • Liaise with other sub-committees and special interest groups of the Society's Education, Training and Policy Committee (including, but not exclusive to, the Curriculum Committee, Careers Committee, Heads of University Biosciences, Biology Education Research Group), as appropriate
  • Horizon-scan likely future issues in education policy over the next 2-5 years

For further details relating to the aims and objectives of the group please see the terms of reference.

Current Chair: Lauren McLeod MRSB, Head of Education Policy


Anatomical Society

Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour

Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry

Biochemical Society

British Ecological Society

British Mycological Society

British Neuroscience Association

British Pharmacological Society

British Society for Immunology

Field Studies Council

Gatsby Plant Science Education Programme

Genetics Society

Heads of University Centres of Biomedical Sciences

Marine Biological Association

Microbiology Society

Nutrition Society

Science and Plants for Schools

Applied Microbiology International

The Linnean Society

The Physiological Society