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October 2019 to September 2020 was a milestone year for the Royal Society of Biology as we marked our 10th anniversary and 40 years of being granted a Royal Charter.

Over the course of our anniversary year, we showcases areas of our work and their impact over the past decade with a series of infographics:

Membership (download as a pdf)

The RSB represents a diverse membership of individuals, learned societies and other organisations.


Biology Week (download as a pdf)

Every year, Biology Week sees events take place all over the world to celebrate biology.


Accreditation (download as a pdf)

RSB accreditation recognises and supports the advancement of skills and education in the biosciences. 


Science Policy (download as a pdf)

The Society's wealth of science policy work aims to advise and influence government.

Science Policy 

Education Policy (download as a pdf)

The Society's education policy work aims to influence at both school and higher education levels.

Education Policy 

Registers and Professional Development (download as a pdf)

The Society support biologists with a wealth of career advice, professional recognition and training events.

Registers and Professional Development 

Outreach and Engagement (download as a pdf)

The RSB delivers hands-on biology across the UK to reach a broad audience and inspire people.

Outreach and Engagement 

Regional Branches (download as a pdf)

The RSB has a vibrant network of regional branches and activity.