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Make a Difference posters

This careers resource was jointly developed by the Biochemical Society, British Ecological Society, British Pharmacological Society, Microbiology Society, Society for Experimental BiologyRoyal Society of Biology and The Physiological Society.

Bioscience learned societies offer a range of services and support for their members, such as scientific conferences, publishing specialist journals, careers guidance, grants, competitions and awards.

Schools may download a PDF file of the six careers posters for use in their school.

Sport and exercise careers

Sport and exercise help us to keep our bodies fit and healthy and can be used to help us recover from disease and injury.

Biologists play an important role in identifying and developing the best ways for doing this.


Food related careers

Food is an essential part of our everyday lives, providing the nutrients we need to grow and keep our bodies alive.

Biologists play an important role in food safety, food development and ensuring we all have enough food to live.


Medicine related careers

There are a host of careers in healthcare where you will be playing a crucial role in the diagnosis, prevention and cure of disease and illness, helping people across the world.

A career in medicine doesn’t just mean ‘become a doctor’.


Animal related careers

Animals have a huge impact on our lives. They are pets, food, pollinators, decomposers, predators and parasites.

Biologists study animals to find out what they can teach us to help us to conserve our planet and improve human and animal health.


Careers to help sustain our world

We make our land work hard for us, to feed us and provide us with water and places to live. Often we have to restore habitats so that other animals and plants can return to the land we use.

Biologists find ways of helping humans to live sustainably.


Future careers in biology

Biologists have a vital role to play in exciting developments for the future, working to produce new and innovative technologies and preparing us for the impact and consequences of climate change.

Many new technologies are closer than you think…