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Sharing Biology Education Research

Members of the Biology Education research Group (BERG) are active researchers with a broad range of interests spanning education research in schools, colleges and higher education institutions. The group will be sharing some of their research as part of a day of talks at the Association for Science Education (ASE) annual conference in January.

BERG Talks at the 2019 ASE conference (10 January 2018)

Developing dialogues between Science and Art - Dr Paul Davies

Epistemic Insight: Teaching about Biology and RE - Dr Tamjid Mujtaba and Prof Michael Reiss

How realistic is it to get children to generate their own authentic questions about the importance of biodiversity? - Prof Marcus Grace and Dr Carys Hughes

Interpreting natural history dioramas - Dr Sue Dale Tuncliffe

Share and Discuss: Integrating Free Online Genomics and Bioinformatics Short Courses into School Programmes - Dr Pamela Black

Listings for all BERG talks on the ASE 2019 conference site can be found here.

RSB will be presenting a range of talks and workshops at the conference, for full details please download our RSB at the ASE conference leaflet, or join the conversation by following the hashtag #RSBatASE

Summaries of the talks and links to presentation materials will be uploaded after the conference.