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The BioCraft Competition will open to entries during Biology Week 2024, from 7-11 October, and is open to all. Create a biology-inspired 3D artwork from recycled, or other, materials and send us a photo to enter.

Details of how to take part will be posted here in September.

Choosing our BioCraft winners 

A judging panel of RSB staff will decide on a winner and runner up for both the individual category and group entry category.

The BioCraft Competition winners in each category will receive a prize for their creation.

Entries will be judged on:

  • the variety of materials used
  • the variety of creative skills used
  • the aesthetic quality of the piece
  • the originality of the piece 
  • how well the piece captures the biological basis of the subject matter


From the very big to the very small: BioCraft entries can take inspiration from the smallest parts of the natural world that only a microscope can see: think cell structures, bacterial colonies and microscopic organisms.

Entries could instead feature environments or ecosystems. Art could be based around great savannahs, wide-open plains, the deep oceans or immense rainforests and the huge range of diversity contained within them.

Hands-on science: Lab or field equipment could be the focus of your artwork, with fascinating tools and apparatus being used by scientists to provide ways to make wonderful discoveries.

Scientific concepts: Your art could help explain a biological concept, theory or area of biology that particularly interests you.

Art can be a great way to visualise something that may seem complex or difficult to understand.


Please email if you have any queries about the competition.