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Extracting DNA from cells | British Society for Gene and Cell Therapy

Ever wondered what the genetic code made up of strings of As Ts Gs and Cs looks like? Or, what a genetic mutation look like?

Follow through this experiment from beginning to end and see how to extract DNA from human cells, how to then measure it, amplify particular genes of interest and visualise them under UV light and analyse their sequence!

CRISPR and genome editing explained | British Society for Gene and Cell Therapy

CRISPR's power was only realised 6 years ago and the inventors have just been awarded a Nobel Prize!

Listen to one of University College London's scientists explain to us the basics of CRISPR and gene editing and how we can use these molecular scissors to snip and rewrite our genetic code in a dish.

Conversations about Ecology | Field Studies Council

As we can’t spend time together at the moment, four FSC tutors made this video conversation about ecology in our local spaces, visit FSC centres virtually, in four areas of the UK and watch the tutors talk about interesting finds and the ecology behind them.

The microscopic world of salmon | Fisheries Society of the British Isles

Explore the microscopic world within salmon with FSBI member and Postdoctoral Researcher, William Perry.

William investigates the gut microbiome of Atlantic salmon, and explores the possible effect of domestication on their gut microbiome.

Creating cancer treatments | The Institute of Cancer Research

As part of this year’s online science festival, researchers at The Institute of Cancer Research will show you how they design and trial new medicines in their 'creating cancer treatments' video.

This video supports the GCSE science curriculum in the areas of ‘how medicines are made’, ‘clinical trials’, ‘cancer’ and ‘chemical analysis’.

The evolution of big cats | The Linnean Society

Hear from The Linnean Society's digital content producer as he introduces a short animation about a theory for the evolution of big cats.

What is physiology? | The Physiological Society

Physiology. It keeps us ticking. It's the processes happening inside of us, and inside all the creatures with whom we share the planet. Physiologists work to unravel life's great mysteries, and solve global issues.

How does climate change affect our bodies? | The Physiological Society

We hear a lot about the impact of climate change on the ice-caps, and polar bears. But what about us? How will a changing climate impact our physiology?

What happens to your body in space? | The Physiological Society

Our physiology has evolved over millions of years to suit life here on Earth. When we leave it for the extreme, hostile environment of space, things go a little bit...weird!

Science of stress | The Physiological Society

If we understand the science of what's happening in our bodies when we feel stressed, we can learn to keep those feelings balanced and make them work for us.

Watch this video for scientific tips on how to tame your stress and let it do its job - preparing you for the challenge ahead!

The Ultra Cycle Diaries | The Physiological Society

Follow physiologist and cycling enthusiast, Dr Daniel Brayson, on a 4000-km cycling race across Europe in the Transcontinental Race, exploring the effects of such a challenge on the human body.

What are viruses? | Understanding Animal Research

Has the coronavirus outbreak made you wonder how viruses work and what can be done about them?

This short animation aims to help anyone understand what viruses are, what they do to you and what, if anything can be done about them.

The history of pregnancy testing | Understanding Animal Research

The modern pregnancy test is affordable, quick, and convenient. Women can find out if they are pregnant in a matter of minutes, but it has not always been this way.

Rabbits, frogs, and sheep have all played their part in helping to develop the modern pregnancy tests we are all familiar with today, find out how in this short video.

Caring for lab rats | Understanding Animal Research

Have you ever wondered what the life of a lab rat in the UK is like? Are you curious about how they live, how they behave and how they are cared for?

Check out this short video on caring for lab rats in the UK. Hopefully it can answer some of your questions.

Biology Impacting Lives video series | Royal Society of Biology

The Royal Society of Biology and ITN Productions Industry News have co-produced a news and current affairs-style programme 'Biology Impacting Lives', reporting on advances in biological sciences and the crucial impact they have on our everyday lives.

This playlist features videos from a whole host of biosciences organisations exploring how their research and work, from ecology to biochemistry, impacts the world around us, sometimes in ways we don't even recognise.

Addressing Global Challenges video series | Royal Society of Biology

The Royal Society of Biology has partnered with ITN Productions to launch ‘Addressing Global Challenges,’ exploring the breadth and depth of the biosciences that brings to life the diverse work of researchers worldwide.

Videos in this series include interviews with scientists, policymakers, politicians and sector leaders, telling stories that span the globe.