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About Plant Science Group

The aims of the Plant Science Group are to:

  1. To provide a network and a forum for discussion, debate and information exchange about current issues in plant science, that is inclusive across the breadth of the field.
  2. To enable input that informs the policy and strategy of the Society on plant science, and that contributes a plant science perspective to the Society’s activities in education, outreach and careers.
  3. To provide a focus and contact point for UK plant science communities that curates and disseminates news and opportunities.
  4. Organise activities to inspire, educate, train and support current and future plant scientists.

The Plant Science Group (PSG) liaises with Government, devolved administrations, funding bodies, industry, scientific bodies, learned societies, community research groupings, those involved in the setting of education curricula, end users and general society to achieve the aims outlined above.


Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board

Association of Applied Biologists

Biochemical Society

British Ecological Society

British Society for Plant Pathology


GARNet – Arabidopsis Research Community

Gatsby Plant Science Education Programme

Genetics Society

Microbiology Society

Monogram – Cereal and Grasses Research Community

SCI Horticulture Group

Society for Experimental Biology


The Linnean Society of London

The Rosaceae Network




Plant Science Group members as published on 23.02.22.