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How to enter

The Photography Competition 2021 is now closed for entries.

Winners will be announced as part of Biology Week 2021.

Photographers are requested to consider their own welfare and that of other individuals
and they take care in their attempt get their photographs. Past photographs can be submitted into the competition.

Please read the competition's terms and conditions before entering and submitting your photograph(s).


There are two categories in the competition, each with a cash prize:

  • Photographer of the Year (18 and over) - £1,000 top prize
  • Young Photographer of the Year (under 18) - £500 top prize

2021 competition theme

‘Interconnected’ is the theme of this year’s Royal Society of Biology Photography Competition.

Life on Earth is connected and this year we invite you to capture these interactions.

Your photograph could depict the relationships between living things or of a living thing with its environment. You could also consider the exchanges between different species, such as mutualistic or parasitic behaviours.

You may want to focus on the impact humans have specifically had on other organisms and the world around them, whether that is at home or at work, in urban or rural areas.

We also welcome entries that explore this year’s theme at the molecular or cellular level, illustrating what is only revealed to us with the aid of a microscope.

Your entry can show the impacts of biological processes and phenomena in a range of settings, or portray the chains of consequences and how knowledge about biology can illuminate a story. 

About the competition

The Royal Society of Biology annual photography competition invites amateurs to submit photographs on a particular theme.

Previous competition entries

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If you have any queries regarding the competition, please contact Raghav Selvam.


Alice Campain, CABI
Tim Harris,  Nature Picture Library and Bluegreen Pictures
Tom Hartman, The University of Nottingham
Alex Hyde, The University of Nottingham
Linda Pitkin, underwater photographer