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Specimen drawing competition

BioArtAttack (2D) 2023 competition

The competition changed in 2023 to become the BioArtAttack (2D) 2023 and included the Nancy Rothwell Prize 2023 (formerly the Nancy Rothwell Award).

This competition was a drawing and painting competition for children aged 7-18 years old to draw or paint their favourite animal, plant or fungi. The Nancy Rothwell Prize is a sub-category for specimen drawings entered into this competition.

The winning entries for this year’s BioArtAttack 2D competition have been announced, with an array of colourful and detailed artistic pieces depicting many different species.

The competition will return in March 2024.

About the competition

This competition celebrates and highlights the benefits of combining art and science. The terms and conditions of the BioArtAttack (2D) 2023 competition are available online.

Find out more about previous award winners.


Please contact us by email if you have any queries regarding the BioArtAttack (2D) 2023 competition.

Award support

The Royal Society of Biology wishes to thank the Royal Veterinary College for its continued support of this award.

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