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BioArtAttack Competition

BioArtAttack (2D) 2024 competition

This competition is for people aged 7-18 years old (in the UK and outside of the UK) to draw or paint their favourite animal, plant or fungi. The competition is open to entries of two dimensional artworks only.

The Nancy Rothwell Prize for specimen drawings is a sub-category of this competition.

The BioArtAttack 2D competition is now open until 30th June 2024 for two dimensional artworks.

BioArtAttack 3D

The BioArtAttack 3D competition has closed for entries. The 2023 competition winners were announced on 11th March 2024. BioArtAttack 3D will be back in October 2024

Choosing our BioArtAttack 3D winners 

A judging panel of RSB staff will decide on a winner and runner up for both the individual category and group entry category. We will announce the winners in March 2024.

The BioArtAttack 3D winners in each category will receive a prize for their creation.

Entries will be judged on:

  • the variety of materials used
  • the variety of creative skills used
  • the aesthetic quality of the piece
  • the originality of the piece 
  • how well the piece captures the biological basis of the subject matter


From the very big to the very small: BioArtAttack 3D entries can take inspiration from the smallest parts of the natural world that only a microscope can see: think cell structures, bacterial colonies and microscopic organisms.

Entries could instead feature environments or ecosystems. Art could be based around great savannahs, wide-open plains, the deep oceans or immense rainforests and the huge range of diversity contained within them.

Hands-on science: Lab or field equipment could be the focus of your artwork, with fascinating tools and apparatus being used by scientists to provide ways to make wonderful discoveries.

Scientific concepts: Your BioArtAttack could help explain a biological concept, theory or area of biology that particularly interests you.

Art can be a great way to visualise something that may seem complex or difficult to understand.


Please email if you have any queries about the competition.

Check out our 2023 winners

Winning the Individual category was Aiyara McWilliam (11) from Australia International School, Bangkok with her Anatomy of a Green Sea Turtle.

 Cross-section of the crocheted innards of a papier-mâché turtle

Taking the Group category win was a school group from Moreton Hall, North Shropshire for their Museum Drawer of Butterflies.

Drawer of different butterflies created from various art materials

The competition judges decided to award a Special Commendation prize to Cerys San Martin-Davies (6) from Merton Park Primary School, London for a depiction of the Great Barrier Reef.

Great Barrier Reef art depiction made of recycled materials


You can find out more about the 2023 competition's winners in our news story online,