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Public Engagement Group

The outreach and engagement working group is made up of representatives from Royal Society of Biology Member Organisations. The group meet up to six times a year to share ideas and experiences and to discuss best practice, possible collaborations and hot topics in outreach and engagement. It is one of a number of groups set up in 2011 following the publication of the Science Communication Project Report.

The outreach and engagement working group work together at a number of festivals to ensure the biosciences are well represented at public events. The group also functions as the Biological Sciences Section for the British Science Festival.

Organisations currently involved with this group include:

Anatomical Society
Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour
Biochemical Society
British Ecological Society
British Neuroscience Association
British Pharmacological Society
British Society for Gene and Cell Therapy
British Society for Immunology
Field Studies Council
Fisheries Society of the British Isles
Genetics Society
Microbiology Society
Science and Plants for Schools
Society for Applied Microbiology
Society for Experimental Biology
The Linnean Society of London
The Nutrition Society
The Physiological Society
Understanding Animal Research
Zoological Society of London

If you are part of a Member Organisation of the Royal Society of Biology and are interested in being involved in this group please contact Amanda Hardy.