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Specimen Drawing Competition 

We challenged students to draw specimens that can be observed in Hong Kong. Drawings had to be accompanied by a photo of the live and/or preserved specimen and the person entering the competition should have taken the photo themselves. We really hope that everyone who entered the competition had a wonderful time exploring Hong Kong’s rich biodiversity and have deepened their passion for nature.

Congratulations to the four winners in the Hong Kong Specimen Drawing Competition 2019:

Winner Junior Primary

Lau Magnus from the Korean International School who won the Junior Primary Section

Winner Senior Primary

Chan Wang Kai from Sir Ellis Kadoorie (S) Primary School who won the Senior Primary Section

Winner Junior SecondaryChui Long Ronald from Tang Shui Kin Victoria Government Secondary School who won the Junior Secondary Section

Winner Senior Secondary

Lam Wing Ham Tina from St. Francis' Canossian College Secondary College who won the Senior Secondary Section

We would like to express our gratitude to our three adjudicators: Professor Gordon Maxwell FRSB from the Open University of Hong Kong; Dr Anthony James from the Wimmera Mallee Veterinary Services, Australia; and Mr Tse Sik-Yan FRSB the Chairman of the branch. It was really a difficult task to decide on the winners among so many excellent drawings.

Due to the social distancing rules implemented in Hong Kong, we were unable to hold our prize ceremony, so we posted the certificates and prizes to the participants’ schools. We are grateful that even though schools were closed due to COVID-19 preventive measures, we still received 82 entries from primary schools and 98 from secondary schools. We hope that even more students will take up the challenge and enter in our next competition.

Dr Gert C Grobler MRSB



Tap Mun Field Trip

30 November 2019

We enjoyed a wonderful field trip to Tap Mun, also known as “Grass Island”, which is located some 1.6 km offshore from the Wong Shek peer in Sai Kung East Country Park.

Professor Gordon Maxwell FRSB was an excellent guide, he pointed out interesting features of the island ecology’s while highlighting the eco-dynamics of the feral cattle as herbivores as they interact with the emergent shrub land and a grassland currently dominated by one species, Carpet grass. It was exciting to observe the regeneration of the secondary forest ecosystem.

tap mun hong kong

We all enjoyed the easy hike around the beautiful island. The delicious seafood lunch was a perfect end to a wonderful day. The field trip was a great way for members of the Hong Kong branch to get to know each other while spending time in nature.

Dr Gert C Grobler MRSB


Specimen Drawing Competition Prize Ceremony

18 May 2019

The Third Hong Kong Specimen Drawing Competition came to a celebratory end with the prize ceremony. Congratulations to our three winners: Lam Yat Hei from Po Leung Kuk Luk Hing Too Primary School who won the Primary Section; Lee Megan Choy Ming from West Island School who won the Junior Secondary Section; and Yan Cassandra Yeuk Ting from Ying Wa Girls' School who won the Senior Secondary Section.

Except for the three winners, 14 Outstanding awards, 37 Highly Commended awards and 74 Certificates of Merit were awarded. We hope that all entrants have deepened their love for nature through their participation in our competition.

HongKong poster competition

In the photo from left to right: Dr Anthony James, Lam Yat Hei, Yan Cassandra Yeuk Tin, Lee Megan Choy Ming, Professor Alice Wong, Mr Tse Sik Yan FRSB, Dr Valerie Yip & Dr Stella Chan MRSB. Photographer: Dr Anthony Cheung MRSB


Photos of the event as well as the winning and outstanding drawings were posted to Facebook.

We would like to express our gratitude to our three adjudicators: Dr. Valerie Yip from the Faculty of Education at The University of Hong Kong, Professor Gordon Maxwell FRSB from the School of Science and Technology at the Open University of Hong Kong and Mr Tse Sik-Yan FRSB the Chairman of the Royal Society of Biology Hong Kong branch. It was really a difficult task to decide on the winners among so many excellent drawings.

We want to give our sincere thanks to our Guests of Honour: Professor Alice Wong, the associate dean (teaching and learning) of the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Hong Kong and Dr. Anthony James, the Director of the Animal and Plant Care Facility at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. They really motivated everyone present to be more curious and to study nature with their inspiring words.

We also want to thank the University of Hong Kong for providing the venue as well as Mr Leo Lui of the Mathematical Corporation (HK) Limited and Mr Tse Sik Yan FRSB for sponsorship.

Dr Gert C Grobler MRSB


Climate Change talk and AGM

10 December 2018

The chair, Mr Tse Sik-Yan FRSB, opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. He gave a short introduction of the history of the Hong Kong branch and thanked outgoing officers, honorary treasurer Yuet Kan Liu MRSB and honorary secretary Li Tian MRSB, for their dedication and hard work during the past year.

HK AGM 2018

Committee member Gert Grobler MRSB reported on the Biology Week field trip held on 13th October 2018, an event open to both RSB members and the public. It was well received and enjoyed by all who attended. Gert then reported on the Gopher Science Lab held on 8th December 2018 at Carmel Divine Grace Foundation Secondary School. The event was attended by 100 primary school students and 30 secondary school students who served as “student teachers” for the primary school students.

The vice chair, Stella Sze Wa Chan MRSB, reported on the second Hong Kong Specimen Drawing competition. The competition was well received with 91 entries from 29 schools. Stella then introduced the third Hong Kong Specimen Drawing competition, which is currently open for entries. She also informed the assembly that entries would be collected electronically through a new online application system.

The honorary treasurer, Yuet Kan, then gave the financial report of the Hong Kong branch and it was accepted by the assembly. New members and officers for the 2018-2019 executive committee have been elected:

  • Tse Sik-Yan FRSB (Chair)
  • Stella Chan MRSB CBiol (Vice Chair)
  • Fu Ki Lee FRSB (Honorary Treasurer)
  • Gert Grobler MRSB (Honorary Secretary)
  • Yuet Kan Liu CBiol MRSB

With no other business, the Chair closed the meeting at 19:45 and invited our honourable guest Professor Matthew Evans FRSB to give a talk on the topic “Climate Change: Impacts on our Environment.” The enlightening talk was followed by a question and answer session.

Dr Gert C Grobler MRSB


Biology Week Bug Hunt and Field Trip

13 October 2018

What better way to celebrate Biology Week than to get out in nature to appreciate local biodiversity? We did just that, inviting the general public to join us on a field trip, with DIY BIO Hong Kong introducing their ‘Bug Hunt’ challenge to the participants.

Hong Kong Bug Hunt

DIYBIO Hong Kong is a group of citizen scientists and the objectives of the Bug Hunt are to instill a respect for the wonders of life and living things through scientific investigation, art and design. As part of the challenge participants of all ages are invited to learn more about Hong Hong's rich biodiversity by undertaking a creative project or scientific investigation in one or more of six tracks: Bug Photography or Film; Bug Art, Design or Fashion; Bug Pets or Breeding; Bug Ecology; Bug Taxonomy; or Bug DNA Barcoding.

The Bug Hunt will come to a climax with the Bug Fest, a whole day festival where participants will share their projects and scientific investigations with each other and the general public.

After the Bug Hunt session we set out on our field trip trying our best to spot as many insects as possible. We also collected a few insect specimens by hand, as, according to the laws of the Hong Kong administration, one is not allowed to collect any animals with the use of any hunting apparatus.

After returning from the field trip we used different books about the insects of Hong Kong to identify the specimens we collected. These specimens were then deposited in the Bug Hunt Hong Kong collection. Everyone who attended really got to appreciate Hong Kong’s rich insect biodiversity and had fun trying to spot different insects in nature.

Dr Gert C Grobler MRSB


Specimen Drawing Competition and Guided Tour of Kadoorie Biological Sciences Building

6 June 2017

The Hong Kong branch launched its first ever Specimen Drawing Competition in September/October 2016. Student entries were invited from over a hundred primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong. The response was very promising with over 110 student entries coming from 24 schools.

The results were announced in March and a prize presentation ceremony was held in May at the University of Hong Kong, with Professor Matthew Evans FRSB, dean of the Faculty of Science, invited as the Guest of Honour.

HK photo2 SMALL

During the Ceremony Professor Evans praised the remarkable performance of the students and samples of the awarding entries were shown and commented upon by the two adjudicators, Professor Gordon Maxwell FRSB and Dr Helen Law. Vice-chair Dr Stella Chan MRSB gave a vote of thanks and presented souvenirs to the guest speakers. The ceremony was immediately followed by a guided tour of the University’s specimen museum led by Professor Benoit Guenard of the School of Biological Sciences.

Sik-Yan TSE CBiol FRSB, Chairman, Hong Kong branch


Hong Kong Pilot Gopher Science Lab

8 July 2016

The first ever run Hong Kong Pilot Gopher Science Lab was launched at Carmel Divine Grace Foundation Secondary School in July. This involved groups of secondary school students preparing display boards and PowerPoint slides to explain the biological concepts and guide primary school students through experiments.

HK 3 small

In total over 40 primary pupils from six primary schools were invited to take part in the event.

HK1 small

The Gopher Science Lab was a great success and all the children loved it.The secondary school students learned a lot about science and improved their communication and leadership skills.

Mr Sik-Yan Tse, chairman of the Hong Kong branch, and vice chair Dr Chan presented certificates to the participants. Thanks to Dr Gert Grobler who presided over the project, which we hope to expand next year by involving more secondary and primary schools.



Open University Visit

4 July 2015

Professor Gordon Maxwell FRSB and Dr Stella Chan MRSB led a group of 18 high school students, aged 15-16, for a visit to the Environmental Laboratory at the Open University of Hong Kong.

The guided tour, which involved hands-on experience with laboratory equipment and time with laboratory technicians, helped the students widen their horizons and gain invaluable scientific knowledge. They were shown how to develop solutions to pollution problems like wastewater and food waste filtrate treatments using their existing knowledge of biological science. This practical experience enabled them to appreciate how applications of science and technology can help solve many global environmental issues.

Open University Visit

After the visit, the branch hosted a Chinese dim sum lunch during which Hong Kong branch chairman, Sik-Yan Tse FRSB convened some face to face discussions and interflow of ideas between the students, research project leaders, teachers and laboratory administrators.

Sik-Yan Tse CBiol FRSB


Inauguration Ceremony

8 November 2014

Held at the United Services Recreation Club, 28 members, Fellows, family and friends attended the Hong Kong branch inauguration ceremony. Guests met for an eco-tour of the century old club followed by a poolside barbecue. Chair Sik Yan Tse CBiol FSB welcomed all attending the meeting, where the future direction of the branch was discussed.


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