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Welcome to the regional pages for North Western. Full details of national and local events are available on our events pages.

Upcoming branch events

Watch the space for details of upcoming events.

Past branch events and recordings

Visit the reports section to find out about past events the branch have run.

You an also visit the Royal Society of Biology YouTube channel to find recordings of recent online talks, the North Western branch Ecology for All series and a training video on taking high quality macro images of small invertebrates.

Social media

Visit the North Western branch Twitter feed and Facebook page for more branch news.

Our members

Visit the branch demographics to see the numbers and locations of our members (Dated January 2023).

AGM minutes

The minutes from the 2023 North Western branch AGM can be downloaded.


Chair: Dr David Wareing MRSB
Vice chair:
Michael Clapham FRSB, Jean Wilson MBE CBiol MRSB
Elisabeth Green CBiol MRSB
Treasurer: Dr Geoffrey Holroyd MRSB

Members: Dr Andrew Richardson FRSB, Dr Alan Bedford CBiol MRSB, Dr Philip Day FRSB, Janet Preece CBiol MRSB, Wesley Ward, Alejandro Lopez MRSB and Linda Martin MRSB.

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