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Australasia parrots

Welcome to the regional pages for the Australasian branch. Full details of other RSB events are on the events pages.

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Download the branch map and branch demographics to see the numbers and locations of our members (dated January 2022). Read draft minutes from the last AGM, held on 11th September 2021, to find out about branch activities.


Acting Chair: Professor Iain Gordon CBiol FRSB
Treasurer: Dr Laetitia Gunton MRSB
Membership secretary: Dr Rob Eley CBiol CSci FRSB
Communications coordinator: Dr Eliot Attridge CBiol FRSB
Media and communications coordinator: Stefanie Bonat MRSB

Members: Associate Professor Anne Hamilton-Bruce CBiol FRSB, Dr Martin Pal MRSB, Carolyn Reynolds MRSB, Dr Adhityo Wicaksono MRSB


Please get in touch by emailing us at

Chair's welcome message

We have recently founded the Australasian branch of the Royal Society of Biology as a means to help us bring together biologists from multiple disciplines including teachers and undergraduates. To this point the southern hemisphere has lacked a unifying society that works across borders and disciplines to promote biology so this is a very exciting development.

The Australasian branch was formally incorporated as a legal entity in January 2017. This marks the conclusion of several years of collaborative discussions with the Australian Institute of Biology and other smaller professional interest groups in Australia, New Zealand and regionally who have long histories of promoting biology in our unique habitats. They have agreed to join the Royal Society of Biology and form an Australasian branch.

Our aspiration is that this will form an inclusive body from our entire region of Oceania and Australasia and represent the interests of our local biologists from many fields to showcase some of our unique fauna and flora whilst enabling us to better utilise the infrastructure and resources of the Royal Society of Biology.

Over the next months our objective is to migrate our membership to one platform and increase linkage via this webpage. We hope our members will also avail themselves of the Chartered Biologist and Chartered Scientist training opportunities offered within the wider context of Royal Society of Biology membership and help attract further members as associates, members or in distinguished cases Fellows.

The Royal Society of Biology is the largest professional group of its kind and has an increasingly international focus with a branch in Hong Kong and members in many countries in our region. Our hope it to be able to add value for members in our region who do not have access to the facilities of UK based colleagues and to help showcase the vast amount of biological scientific input generated in our region.

I encourage contributions to our webpage including short articles, photographic material, notices of events and positions that may be of interest to other members.

We are very keen to have expressions of interest for committee membership, project and meeting hosting/ organisation.

You can contact the committee at and send specific membership queries for the attention of our membership secretary Rob Eley, also at