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Some fantastic resources to support teachers and students in primary schools

Useful websites

Gopher Science Labs has a range of hands on practical science activities which encourage peer to peer learning within a class and between year groups.

SciberMonkey is an excellent website that points students and teachers to thousands of resources spanning age 5-16 biology chemistry and physics.

Biology Changing the World has interesting information and video interviews about biologists who made a difference to the world today.

Activities & Resources

We have informal activities to use, available on our biology for all pages and outreach pages. Every October you can get involved with Biology Week. School involvement is a crucial part of the celebrations, with quizzes and specially designed creative activities to help you take part. Resources are available all year round.

Keep up to date

Find out about news, events and resources through our monthly BioEd letter, sign up through mySociety. Our Journal for Biological Education covers policy and curriculum developments, bringing you the latest results of research into the teaching, learning and assessment of biology. If you conduct education research in schools you may be interested in joining our Biology Education Research Group (BERG).

Get involved

Take part in our consultation on the ideal biology curriculum.

Awards & CPD

Be recognised for your teaching excellence with the primary school biology teacher of the year award, and apply for Chartered Science Teacher Status. We have CPD for teachers and have sessions which run at the ASE conference which include talks by BERG and a session on Biology in the Real World.

Looking for something else...

If you are looking for further support check out our secondary schools, higher educationoutreach and get involved pages.