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Madeiline Kavannagh2Congratulations to our BioNet member Madeleine Kavanagh who has been selected as the winner for our space camp competition.

Madeleine's name was selected at random from BioNet members who entered to win a sponsored place on ISSET's Mission Discovery at King's College London. She will spend a week with astronauts, trainers and NASA leaders and will compete with other students to have their idea for an experiment carried out in space.

Madeleine will experience first-hand the preparation that goes into space missions and learn how space exploration benefits life on earth.

The Society of Biology is delighted to offer this experience to Madeleine. Opportunities for young people to participate in hands-on courses such as these are vital for sparking interest and engaging students. We will continue to work in partnership with organisations such as ISSET to foster interest and educate young people about the vast range of scientific careers available to them.