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The Royal Society of Biology has responded to the Autumn Budget proposals, announced today by the Chancellor Philip Hammond.

The RSB welcomes the direction of travel of increasing investment in Research and Development; this is an area of outstanding opportunity for growth that underpins a wide range of essential, beneficial and productive sectors.

The RSB welcomes a number of initiatives noted in the budget towards a cleaner, more sustainable environment.

The RSB also welcomes the news of improved R&D tax credits and initial support for the teaching of T-level qualifications. Such initiatives are important for delivering an increasingly flexible and dynamic knowledge-driven economy and should continue to be a high priority in future allocations.

Dr Mark Downs FRSB, RSB chief executive said: “It is encouraging to see that the government remains committed to research and innovation, and pledges to continue to support developing the skillsets needed to ensure we remain world-leading.

"The budget initiatives that reflect the need to improve the condition of the environment, especially water and air quality must also remain a high priority in the coming years.”