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The Royal Society of Biology responded today to the latest statement on science priorities for Brexit, by Stephen Metcalfe MP, chair of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee.

The statement, compiled from advice and evidence from the research and innovation community, was launched at a reception held in the Churchill Room in the Houses of Parliament this morning.

Dr Mark Downs CSci FRSB, chief executive of the Royal Society of Biology, said of the report: “It is encouraging to see succinct and clearly outlined priorities recommended by Stephen Metcalfe MP; and we thank him and the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee for engaging with a large number of organisations to understand the needs of the science community.

“We welcome his recommendations for the government to develop a strategy for the UK to remain a world-class scientific and innovative collaborator; and ensure international collaborations continue to tackle global challenges such as climate change and antimicrobial resistance. These issues afflict populations globally regardless of boundaries and borders, and the solutions lie in an integrated global response.

“The UK cannot supply the technical and research skills needed solely though home grown talent. Moreover, research as an international endeavour relies on the exchange of people, not just ideas. This report’s focus on people and the skills they bring is particularly welcome.

“We hope the government takes these recommendations on board as negotiations commence, to ensure the strength of UK science, innovation and research is maintained and grown.”