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Miranda Lowe FRSB has been awarded a CBE in recognition of her outstanding work in science communication and championing diversity in STEM.

Lowe is the principal curator of crustacean at the Natural History Museum, having overseen their crustacean and jellyfish collection for nearly 30 years. She is also a passionate advocate for increasing the accessibility of natural history, as well as improving diversity and equality across STEM.


Lowe volunteering at the RSB stand at the Lambeth Country Show in 2018

Lowe has volunteered with the Royal Society of Biology on a number of occasions as part of the RSB's outreach and engagement work, including helping at the Lambeth Country Show in 2018, New Scientist Live in 2017 and our #AskABiologist series online.

She is also a STEM Ambassador, volunteers for the Aspiring Professionals Programme and is the co-founder of Museum Detox, a network for people of colour who work in museums.

RSB's chief executive Dr Mark Downs CBiol CSci FRSB, commented: “This is a truly well deserved honour that recognises a life-long commitment to natural history, and its value across society, helping to ensure more people are able to engage with the subject.”

Lowe is joined by Dr Peter J Wright FRSB, who also received an MBE for services to science. Dr Wright is former leader of the ecology and conservation group at Marine Scotland Science, and received his MBE in recognition of his pioneering work on fish stocks in the North Sea

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