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The Society of Biology as a member of SCORE (Science Community Representing Education) has responded positively to a proposal to create a new independent professional body for teachers.

The Department for Education consultation on ‘developing the teaching profession to a world class standard’ puts forward a proposal for ‘The College of Teaching’. The College would support teachers and those within teaching communities through professional development and would potentially offer chartered teacher status.

SCORE, a partnership between the Association for Science Education, the Institute of Physics, the Royal Society, the Royal Society of Chemistry, and the Society of Biology, “supports the creation of an independent professional body for teachers, as a means of recognising and enhancing the teaching profession. This body must recognise that teachers are part of broad professional and subject communities that extend beyond the school or college in which they work.”

SCORE would like to see continued conversations between learned societies and professional bodies about how they can support teachers at a subject specific level.

The Society of Biology currently offers professional development and professional registers which our members can apply for including Chartered Biologist, Chartered Scientist, Registered Scientist, Registered Science Technician and most recently Chartered Science Teacher. ‘CSciTeach’ status specifically support teachers of the biosciences at all levels (primary, secondary and tertiary) within our membership.