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Before the UK General Election, opinion polls had predicted a very close race. But on May 8th we saw an outright majority for the Conservatives, disaster for the Liberal Democrats (losing 49 seats) and the spectacular rise of the Scottish National Party (gaining 50 seats). 

Dr Mark Downs FSB, chief executive of the Society of Biology said:
“The sheer scale of change in this election is a significant challenge for many. The science community will have to work even harder to ensure that new parliamentarians understand the critical role science and technology has to play in delivering growth, enhancing and protecting the environment and supporting the policy making process.

"The loss of several key MPs from across parties who have been such clear advocates for science and evidence led policy is a real blow but it is up to all of us to help engage with the new parliament as soon as possible to support them in their work.

"The new Government can no longer simply be positive about science. With over £1bn wiped off the research budget as a result of inflation over the last five years there needs to be a real commitment to see research as an investment and grow expenditure well above the levels of inflation."

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