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On 28th March the Society of Biology and the Heads of University Biosciences (HUBS) held a joint workshop with the Academy of Medical Sciences and The Physiological Society. The workshop brought together key stakeholders in higher education with the aim of informing further work to address the perception that teaching achievements are not recognised when compared to research achievements in UK academic careers.

The workshop was held shortly after HEFCE announced the details of their 2014-15 allocations to institutions, where teaching budgets were cut by nearly 6%. There is a risk that a reduction in the funding of teaching at universities could impede work to improve the status of teaching in higher education.

The partner organisations strongly believe that a culture change is needed at universities to address the disparity between teaching and research. To voice this concern, the organisations co-signed a letter to The Guardian which was published on 31st March as a response to an article about the HEFCE teaching allocations. 

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