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Last chance to enter our animals in research student essay competition! The Society of Biology is running a competition to support student members (and those who have applied for the £15 per year student membership and are awaiting election) wishing to develop careers in animal science and technology. We are asking for first and second year undergraduate student members to enter our competition for a chance to win a Home Office Modular training 1 – 4 course paid for by the Society of Biology. This course covers topics such as:

· An introduction to the ethical aspects of the use of animals in scientific procedures
· Historical background
· Recognition of well-being, pain, suffering or distress
· Handling and restraint
· Personal health and safety
· Common diseases and recognition
· Health monitoring and disease prevention or control
· Introduction to anaesthesia and analgesia
· Conduct of the minor procedures
· Advanced anaesthesia and analgesia
· Advanced conduct of surgical procedures

If you are interested in applying please submit a 1500 word essay to answering one of the following questions:

1. What ethical issues surround the use of animals in research, and how might these be better addressed?

2. What are the challenges and issues of using animal studies to predict human safety?

3. How can scientists promote greater public understanding and acknowledgement of the link between animal research and medical advances?

The deadline for applications is 15th June 2013. The winners will be notified the w/c 5th August. Winners will be booked on to a Module 1 - 4 course due to run in the Autumn term.