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The Cell: A Visual Tour of the Building Block of Life
Jack Challoner and Dr Phil Dash (ed)
Ivy Press, £19.99

By revealing the hidden world of the cell, the stunning images in this book help the reader understand life itself. The text forms a coherent story so can be read from cover to cover, but each page stands alone for anyone wanting to browse the images and pick up accompanying facts.

The Cell covers many concepts on the A level syllabus, while presenting science that will no doubt interest and surprise professional biologists. The exceptional photographs range from fossilised microalgae to the injection of DNA into an egg cell during the process of cloning a sheep. No branch of life is ignored – even the dog vomit slime mould is shown off in its full glory.

Dr Rebecca Nesbit MRSB

Shortlisted: General Biology Book Prize, RSB Book Awards 2016


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