The DNA Detectives Podcast


Hosted by Dr Mandy Hartley with Co-host Annabelle Hartley

The DNA Detectives was at risk of being just another podcast in the current boom of science podcasts; but it is saved by its format as well as the star of the show - Annabelle, the daughter of host Dr Mandy Hartley.

The format keeps the listener engaged with a ‘True or False’ quiz at the end of each episode for you to answer with information gleaned from the show. Co-presenter Annabel’s young inquisitive mind allows the show’s guests to answer complex concepts in a child-friendly manner, which by default explains them succinctly for DNA newbies of any age. 

The listener is also caught off guard when they are asked ‘What is Covid-19?’ Sure, many know it is the viral cause of lockdowns, dodgy haircuts and Zoom fatigue over the past 18 months. But how many would have described it as a rogue DNA? It is nuggets like this which keeps the show interesting.

The show states that it is suitable for children 7-14 as well as anyone else interested in DNA; however, it’s doubtful that a child as young as seven would be able to sit quietly for a 14-minute episode. It seems most suitable for 13 years and up.

It would also help if the podcast was on its own ‘DNA Detective’ website or major platforms as opposed to being hosted on [Editors note: it can also be found via major podcast networks such as Acast and Player FM]. This would make it easier to find on search engines and it would be useful to have other interactive elements and games that listeners can engage in. Either way it was an enjoyable podcast.

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Judith Massia