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Create art inspired by biology and share your BioArtAttacks with us on Twitter


We are inviting people of all ages to fuse biology and art to create biology-themed art attacks. These can be anything from collages to models, sculptures or animations.

This is a chance to get young people thinking about the biology that is in the world all around them, as well as exploring the possibility of communicating a scientific message through an artistic output. Get some inspiration from the 2016 competition winners.

Groups may want to consider using their BioArtAttack as a basis for a CREST Star or CREST Award.


What to use: There is no limit to the materials a group could use. They may want to collect items from around their house or school, or from recycling bins. Try to be as creative as possible. Can you incorporate biological material into your project, such as sticks or leaves from the garden? Or equipment from a lab?

Ecology: From the depths of the sea to the Amazon jungle, there are a rich variety of habitats which could provide inspiration for a BioArtAttack. You could choose an individual species, or perhaps species interactions. Take a look at the 'Species of the week' section of our blog for some inspiration.

Under the microscope: Microscopes can reveal the shapes of cells, whether they are single-celled organisms or forming tissues, and give insights into cell division. Some things are too small to be seen under a light microscope. Scanning electron microscopes produce fascinating images, fro the structure of an insect's eye to a colony of bacteria. Even smaller, you could represent the structure of molecules such as DNA in your artwork.

Being a scientist: Labs contain equipment, such as microscopes, which could be the focus for the artwork. You could even create a whole lab scene.

Our BioArtAttacks

To give you inspiration, here at the Society of Biology, we made our own BioArtAttacks - watch our video on YouTube or look at the gallery below.


We illustrated the different stages of mitosis using craft materials including: a hula hoop, wool, a blanket and Petri dishes filled with jelly. Click on the images below to see the gallery in full.

Stage 1: the materials Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Metaphase Step 8 Anaphase Step 9 Telophase Step 10 Cytokinesis The team in action We did a BioArtAttack2


We also created a giant grasshopper from cereal, pasta, sugar and leaflets. Watch our video below and start thinking about how you could get creative with a biology theme.

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