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We welcome applications for degree accreditation from all UK universities. Full information about our Degree Accreditation and how to apply can be found in the Accreditation Handbook.

Deadlines for applications are 1st September and 1st February each year.

Step 1 - expression of interest

Prior to submitting an application, you must complete an Expression of Interest form and return to the Accreditation Team. You will be asked to indicate which subject stream your programme is broadly aligned to; if you are submitting multiple programmes you may need to select more than one stream. The streams are:

  • Molecular Aspects of Biology
  • Whole Organism Biology
  • Ecological and Environmental Science

The subject streams are for assessment purposes only; once accredited, your programmes will not be labelled as such.

Step 2 - letter of intent and supporting evidence

A letter of intent must be submitted to accompany the application documentation. This should summarise the key characteristics of the programme, and how it meets the accreditation criteria. The criteria for accreditation and the stream-specific criteria can be found in the Accreditation Handbook. For more information about this please see an example letter of intent.

Titles for all documentation submitted should be entered into an accreditation evidence matrix indicating where evidence for the criteria can be found. Details of the evidence that must be submitted in support of your application can be found in the Accreditation Handbook.

Step 3 - submission of documentation

All documentation (letter of intent and supporting evidence) should then be submitted electronically by 17:00 on the specified date, preferably via DropBox and the sharing of an appropriately labelled folder (which should include the name of the submitting HEI), to

Dropbox can be downloaded free of charge; should you have any problems regarding the software download or sharing of your application, please do email us, or call us on 0207 685 2574.

Assessment Fee

The charge for the assessment of the application and site visit will be £3,000. This fee covers all expenses associated with the assessment and visit except for overnight accommodation for the assessment panel. HEIs will be required to book accommodation for the panel members in a suitable nearby hotel the evening before the site visit. The assessment fee will be invoiced following receipt of the formal expression of interest form.

Accreditation Fees

The fees for accreditation will be charged on an annual basis according to the number of programmes submitted and as agreed by the Society. The Society will consider the level of work required for the application, the number of students and the complexity of programmes in order to ensure, as far as possible, that costs are representative and equitable. The table below is representative of fees charged in 2015; however the Society reserves the right to increase fees in line with inflation during the accreditation period.

The first year’s fee will be required to be paid once accreditation has been awarded and formally ratified by the Degree Accreditation Committee. Please note, if your application is unsuccessful the assessment fee is a non-returnable payment.

Programmes Cost per year
1 £    2,000.00
2 to 5 £    3,000.00
6 to 10 £    4,000.00
11 + £    5,000.00


Please contact us if you would like to discuss your application.

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