Microbes, Music and Me: A Life in Science

John Postgate

Memoirs Publishing, £12.99

This book was written in John Postgate's 91st year and reading it is a most enjoyable experience. It reminded me why I chose to do microbiology research. In 1968, as I sought a PhD place, I went to visit him; he was so full of advice and encouragement then and throughout my career.

He doesn't claim this to be an autobiography as such, but rather an account of a productive career in economic microbiology, linked to his enthusiasm for music: he played the cornet in jazz bands from his university days until recent times.

The important microbiologists he describes in the book are analysed in terms of both their scientific views and their characters. Having had the privilege of meeting most of them personally, it has added relevance for me.

Would others find it so interesting to justify the purchase of the book? I think so, as there are too few books published today that give insights into the minds of important scientists. I recommend it as excellent value for scientists and laymen alike.

Professor Jim Lynch OBE CBiol FSB